13 February, 2010

Inverness In Snow

Inverness Castle on a dark and snowing morning.
Taken from the Queen's walk side of the River Ness.

Inverness had the coldest and snowiest winter in the last 15/30 years (depending on who you asked). Many apologies were given to me for having to see Scotland so dark and cold. I have a different sentiment. I was fortunate enough to see Scotland as the residents do, not just as a tourist. Many times, during my off-season travels, I get to see things those traveling in high season do not. I like the uniqueness.

Let's talk bout dark. The highlands of Scotland are very far north. When I arrived in February it was still pretty dark when we went to work at half past eight and it was dark as can be by five in the evening. In the summertime, I'm told, there will be a few brief hours of dusk. The duration of darkness was quickly abating during my time there.
Moray Firth. I loved the monochromed effect the day presented.

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